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Network Appliance Network Appliance NACA Certification NS0-301

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Exam Code: NS0-301
Exam Name: Network Appliance (Network Appliance Certified Solution Architect-SAN)

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NO.1 Which three are benefits of both FC and iSCSI SAN? (Choose three.)
A.Enables storage consolidation.
B.Servers can be backed up to the same Tape Library or VTL.
C.Enables server consolidation.
D.Disk Arrays appear as autonomous file servers.
Answer: ABC

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NO.2 What type of zoning is based on the physical port you are connected to?
Answer: A

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NO.3 Which three are performance tuning parameters available for Fibre Channel HBAs on a host?
(Choose three.)
A.HBA queue depth
B.Fibre Channel speed
C.frame size
D.LUN device ID
Answer: ABC

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NO.4 When running in standby cfmode, if the host can no longer access the LUNs from Controller A after an
array controller failover to Controller B, what two things should you check? (Choose two.)
A.The cabling between the storage controller and the switch.
B.The zoning on the switch.
C.The LUN masking on the storage controller.
D.The persistent bindings.
Answer: AB

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NO.5 Which characteristic differentiates an iSCSI HBA from a NIC card?
A.larger frame size
B.2 Gb/s rate aggregation
D.TCP offload
Answer: D

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NO.6 Select two advantages an iSCSI SAN has over a Fibre Channel SAN. (Choose two.)
A.An iSCSI SAN can take advantage of existing IP infrastructure components.
B.An iSCSI SAN provides a more affordable solution for cost-sensitive environments.
C.An iSCSI SAN has lower latency than a Fibre Channel SAN.
D.An iSCSI SAN provides higher storage utilization than a Fibre Channel SAN.
Answer: AB

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NO.7 Which two are advantages of an IP SAN as it compares to FC SAN? (Choose two.)
A.It uses well-understood technologies such as SCSI and Ethernet.
B.It provides faster failover.
C.It has lower cost per switch port.
D.It provides lower propagation delay.
Answer: AC

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NO.8 The only way to implement iSCSI is by using an iSCSI HBA. (True or False?)
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

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NO.9 Select the appropriate IP protocol that uses Service Location Protocol (SLP) protocol for discovery and
Answer: C

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NO.10 What could a G_Port represent?
A.A Fibre Channel hub's connection to the FC switch.
B.A storage controller's connection to the FC switch.
C.An inter-switch link connection between FC switches.
D.An unused port on the FC switch.
Answer: D

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