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Exam Code: CTAL-TA
Exam Name: ISTQB Certified Tester Advanced Level - Test Analyst
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CTAL-TA Real Dumps Total Q&A: 65 Questions and Answers
Last Update: 2016-03-29

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NO.1 Consider the following list of findings regarding the requirement. Which of the following
statements is true?
A. The requirement is ambiguous in terms of supported cards
B. The paragraph indicates potential usability problems
C. The paragraph is unclear in terms of advance limits
D. The paragraph indicates potential performance problems
Answer: C

CTAL-TA Practice Test   

NO.2 Which of the following tools could be introduced in addition to inspections and can partly
replace a code inspection?
A. Static analysis tool
B. Dynamic analysis tool
C. Test design tool
D. Test management tool
Answer: A

CTAL-TA Actual Test   

NO.3 The development manager has reviewed the initial inspection results in the company and has
discovered that your inspection logging rate is 2 issues per minute and the average checking rate is 5
pages per hour. Around 10 major defects are found per page. The manager is willing to invest more
money in your inspection programme. What should he/she do?
A. Ask checkers to try a checking rate of 4 pages per hour
B. Ask moderators to cut back on discussion in the logging meeting
C. Ask checkers to try a checking rate of 6 pages per hour
D. Make sure the scribe logs issues at a rate of 1 issue per minute
Answer: A

CTAL-TA Exam Prep   

NO.4 As part of the new strategy a user interface specification has been created to help development
to gain familiarity with the requirements. What kind of review would be most helpful in this
situation? s
A. A management review, because it sets management criteria for the development
B. A technical review, because it will identify all the problems with the user interface specification
C. An inspection, because it would result in a signed off user interface specification to work from
D. A walkthrough, because it would help them understand the interface better
Answer: D

CTAL-TA Latest Dumps   

NO.5 Part 2: "Test Analyst various"
A diamond retailer is introducing a new stock taking system. Each diamond is assigned a character
that represents the colour. The valid domain for the character ranges from D to Z.
The colour is then graded using the following scale:
Which of the following test sets will provide the best equivalence partitioning coverage?
A. A, E, H, L, P, T, $
B. E, H, L, M, U, EUR
C. D, G, K, N, S
D. D, F, G, H, K, M, N, P, T, Z
Answer: A

NO.6 Which of the following fits the principles of experience-based testing?
A. Experience in test execution is more important than experience in test design
B. Models can be used to derive the required test cases
C. Different people will have a different experience level regarding usability testing
D. Coverage calculations can be used to determine the amount of testing required
Answer: A

CTAL-TA Practice Exam   

NO.7 For the project three completion criteria have been defined.
A) Test cases passed more than 70%
B) Number of outstanding defects less than 5
C) Number of defects per test case less than 0,5
The first week of the testing has shown the following results: Evaluate the status of the project at the
end of the week against the defined completion criteria. Which of the following options shows the
correct status? s
A. Criteria A = OK, criteria B = NOT OK, criteria C = NOT OK
B. Criteria A = NOT OK, criteria B = NOT OK, criteria C = OK
C. Criteria A = NOT OK, criteria B = NOT OK, criteria C = NOT OK
D. Criteria A = OK, criteria B = OK, criteria C = OK
Answer: B

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