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Exam Code: C2150-197
Exam Name: IBM Security Identity Manager V6.0 Implementation
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Last Update: 2016-03-01

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Exam Code: C9010-250
Exam Name: Power Systems with POWER8 Sales Skills V1
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C9010-250 Actual Test Total Q&A: 108 Questions and Answers
Last Update: 2016-03-01

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NO.1 A client wants a proposal for a POWER8 server to support deployment of a new mobile
application. What information is most valuable to configure the new server?
A. Types of mobile devices
B. Programming language
C. Security requirements
D. Expected transaction volume
Answer: B

C9010-250 questions   

NO.2 A customer is currently booting a 770 with internal storage, and wants to maintain a local boot
option on an E870.
What local boot option is valid for the E870?
A. Storage in the System Control Unit
B. Storage on the SAN
C. Storage in the disk expansion drawer
D. Storage in the CEC
Answer: D

C9010-250 test   C9010-250 Test Answers   
The local boot option for E870 is storage in the CEC.

NO.3 A customer has a 6TB database that needs a very high performance solution at the lowest cost.
Which system is the more cost effective solution?
A. The S824 with attached FlashSystem 840.
B. The S824 with internal disk drives and SSDs with Easy Tier.
C. The S824 with integrated SSDs and V5000.
D. An E870 with internal disk drives and SSDs.
Answer: B

C9010-250 test   

NO.4 A client running Oracle databases is considering a Power solution. They want the highest level
of reliability, performance, and support.
Which operating system on Power should be recommended?
C. Red Hat
Answer: A
Businesses today need to maximize the return on investment in information technology. Their IT
infrastructure should have the flexibility to quickly adjust to changing business computing
requirements and scale to handle ever expanding workloads-without adding complexity. But just
providing flexibility and performance isn't enough; the IT infrastructure also needs to provide rock-
solid security and near-continuous availability and while managing energy and cooling costs.
These are just some of the reasons why more and more businesses are choosing the AIX operating
system (OS) running on IBM systems designed with Power [email protected] technology. With its proven
scalability, advanced virtualization, security, manageability and reliability features, the AIX OS is an
excellent choice for building an IT infrastructure. And, AIX is the only operating system that leverages
decades of IBM technology innovation designed to provide the highest level of performance and
reliability of any UNIX operating system.

NO.5 A customer is considering the E880 server with PowerVC to simplify virtualization management.
Which software product includes PowerVC?
A. AIX 7 Standard Edition
B. PowerVM Enterprise Edition
C. AIX 6 Express Edition
D. AIX 7 Enterprise Edition
Answer: B

C9010-250 Exam Tests   C9010-250 study guide   
Reference: http://www-

NO.6 A customer is running an application that is licensed per core.
What advantage does POWER8 have compared to x86 that could lower software costs?
A. Processor performance
B. Bandwidth performance
C. I/O performance
D. Memory performance
Answer: A
Power8 unique processor features provide lower software costs compared to x86 processor

NO.7 Which RAS feature is available only on Power Enterprise Systems?
A. Dual FSPs (Flexible Service Processor)
B. ECC memory
C. FFDC (First Failure Data Capture)
D. Chipkill memory
Answer: A

C9010-250 original questions   

NO.8 A customer with AIX and IBM i based applications is considering a move to open source Linux
applications on x86 systems.
Which benefit should be highlighted for the customer to stay with the Power platform?
A. The Power system they are running on can support the existing applications and the new Linux
applications at the same time.
B. The customer can recompile the AIX and IBM i applications and continue with Linux on their
existing Power System.
C. The Power Linux system is more powerful and will cost less than the x86 systems, thereby saving
D. The Power system uses Lx86 allowing Linux to run unchanged on Power.
Answer: D

C9010-250 Exam Cram   
PowerVM Lx86 (Linux only) brings new benefits to customers and application providers who want the
reliability and flexibility of Power Systems in their Linux environment, yet use applications that have
not yet been ported to the platform. IBM PowerVM Lx86 allows most Linux x86 binaries to run
unchanged on POWER systems using translation software that translates x86.

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