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CWNA-106Exam Code: CWNA-106
Exam Name: Certified Wireless Network Administrator
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NO.1 In a single channel architecture (SCA) WLAN system, 802.11n (HT) APs should not share an SSID
with 802.11g (ERP) APs.
What is the reason for this recommendation?
A. Client stations would see two different sets of AP capabilities as they roam between APs with the
same BSSID.
B. The added range of 802.11n APs would cause additional co-channel interference.
C. The additional beacon material in 802.11n beacons would confuse 802.11b/g client stations.
D. Beacons from 802.11n APs use 40 MHz channels, while beacons from 802.11g APs use 20 MHz
Answer: A

CWNA-106 Real Exams   

NO.2 What statement about 802.3-2012, Clause 33 Power over Ethernet is true?
A. Only endpoint PSEs are supported.
B. By using CAT3 cabling, you can increase the maximum draw available to the PD.
C. Only midspan PSEs are supported.
D. Up to 30 watts of power may be provided through an Ethernet cable.
E. When using CAT5 cabling, you decrease the maximum draw available to the PD.
Answer: D

CWNA-106 Exam Dumps   CWNA-106 braindump   

NO.3 You were previously onsite at XYZ's facility to conduct a pre-deployment RF site survey. The
WLAN has been deployed according to your recommendations and you are onsite again to perform a
post-deployment validation survey.
When performing this type of post-deployment RF site survey for VoWiFi, what are two steps that
must be performed? (Choose 2)
A. Protocol analysis to discover channel use on neighboring APs
B. Coverage analysis to verify appropriate coverage and roaming boundaries
C. Spectrum analysis to locate and identify RF interference sources
D. Frequency-band hopping analysis to detect improper RF channel implementations
E. Application analysis with an active phone call on a VoWiFi handset
Answer: B,E

NO.4 What answers correctly complete the following sentence?
____________ and ____________ carrier sense functions are used to determine if the wireless
medium is busy. (Choose 2)
A. Active
B. Physical
C. Interframe
D. Pseudo-random
E. Virtual
F. Backoff
G. Vector
Answer: B,E

CWNA-106 Study Materials   CWNA-106 Actual Test   

NO.5 Prior to association, what parameter can 802.11 client devices measure and use to select the
optimal access point for association?
A. Proximity to potential access points
B. Average round trip time to reach the Internet DNS server
C. Signal strength of access point beacons received
D. Retry rate of probe request and response frames
E. Average round trip time to reach the IP router
Answer: C

CWNA-106 exam simulations   

NO.6 What statements accurately describe the RF cables and connectors that are used in an 802.11
WLAN system? (Choose 3)
A. Large diameter RF cables cause greater loss than small diameter cables.
B. RF cables have upper and lower frequency range specifications.
C. Every RF connector causes insertion loss.
D. Two RF connectors of the same type (e.g. SMA), manufactured by different companies, may vary in
E. 75 and 125 ohms are the typical impedances of 802.11 WLAN connectors.
Answer: B,C,D

CWNA-106 Test Answers   

NO.7 As a station moves away from the access point to which it is associated, it changes its data rate
from 600 Mbps to 540 Mbps and then to 450 Mbps.
What IEEE 802.11 term is used to describe this functionality?
A. Rate Set Selectivity
B. Modulation and Coding Selection
C. Adaptive Rate Management
D. Dynamic Rate Switching
E. Multirate Control
Answer: D

NO.8 What component of the 802.11 standard allows stations to reserve access to the RF medium for
a specified period of time?
A. DTIM Interval
B. RTS or CTS frames
C. Listen Interval
D. Short guard intervals
E. Probe Request frames
Answer: B

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