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NO.1 The Retrieve Resources activity can retrieve which resources?
Answer: A

NO.2 Process A has a Timer. Process B has a JMS Queue Receiver. Process C has a JMS Topic
Subscriber. These processes are to be deployed on two machines and configured to operate in fault-
tolerant and load-balanced mode. Which two steps should you take to achieve this configuration?
(Choose two.)
A. bundle the Timer and the JMS Queue Receiver in one EAR file and deploy it in fault-tolerant mode
B. bundle the JMS Topic Subscriber and Timer in one EAR file and deploy it in fault-tolerant mode
C. put the JMS Topic Subscriber in its own EAR file and deploy it twice
D. put the JMS Queue Receiver in its own EAR and deploy it twice
E. put the Timer in its own EAR and deploy it in fault-tolerant mode
F. bundle the two JMS-based starters in one EAR file and deploy it twice
Answer: B,D

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NO.3 What is the purpose of the tokenize function?
A. to concatenate two strings
B. to map undefined data to a defined data type
C. extract fields from a string
D. to replace a specific character in a string
Answer: C

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NO.4 When a transition is created, which condition type is used by default?
A. Otherwise
B. Success
C. Success with Condition
D. Error
E. Success if No Matching Condition
Answer: B

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NO.5 For a Java class specified in an XML to Java Activity, which two characteristics are required?
(Choose two.)
A. It must have public methods for retrieving all data members.
B. It must implement Runnable Interface.
C. It must be serializable.
D. It must have a public default constructor.
Answer: C,D

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NO.6 A process must handle over one hundred thousand records in a file, one at a time. Then a
service must return each record as either found or not found. Lastly, the process must record how
many records were found and not found. Which type of variable is most appropriate for this
A. Global Variable
B. Process Variable
C. Shared Variable
D. Job Shared Variable
Answer: B

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NO.7 How can you remove all deployed process files from a domain before using it for testing?
A. use the Domain Utility to undeploy the application
B. uninstall and reinstall the Administrator
C. use the Administrator undeploy the process and delete the files
D. manually delete deployed files and clean the OS registry
Answer: C

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NO.8 What are two places the domain properties can be found? (Choose two.)
A. TIBCO_HOME/repository
B. TIBCO_HOME/designer/domain
C. TIBCO_HOME/domain
D. TIBCO_HOME/administrator/domain
E. TIBCO_HOME/tra/domain
Answer: D,E

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