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Exam Code: 101-01
Exam Name: Riverbed Certified Solutions Associate
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101-01 VCE Dumps Total Q&A: 166 Questions and Answers
Last Update: 2016-01-22

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Exam Code: 599-01
Exam Name: Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional - Storage Delivery
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599-01 Real Questions Total Q&A: 84 Questions and Answers
Last Update: 2016-01-22

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NO.1 When deploying a Steelhead appliance server-side out-of-path in the data center, what will be the IP
address seen by the destination server in the data center?
A. The server-side Steelhead appliance s Primary IP address
B. The client-side Steelhead appliance s Primary IP address
C. The client-side Steelhead appliance s In-path IP address
D. The client PC s IP address
Answer: A

101-01 Questions and answers   

NO.2 Assuming the Steelhead appliance has a 250 GB database capacity, by enabling PFS on a supported
Steelhead appliance which of the following would be true:
A. The database capacity will grow due to the amount of space by PFS
B. The database capacity does not change
C. The database capacity will shrink due to the amount of space by PFS
D. The database capacity will have to be reformatted
Answer: B

101-01 Practice Test   

NO.3 What are the benefits of Application Streamlining?
A. Applications run up to 100 times faster
B. Accelerates the most important applications, such as CIFS. MAPI, NFS. HTTP/S, and MS-SQL Lotus
C. Reduces application chattiness by 65-98%
D. All of the above
E. None of the above
Answer: D

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NO.4 What are basic components of the Interceptor appliance? (Select 3)
A. Store SDR data
B. Load Balancing
C. Optimization
D. Redirection
E. Peer Affinity
Answer: B,D,E

101-01 questions   101-01 PDF VCE   

NO.5 The key difference between the *Degraded* status and the *Critical* status is:
A. With degraded, there is no optimization due to a software problem, whereas with critical there is no
optimization due to a hardware problem
B. With both degraded and critical, optimization functions as normal however administrator attention is
C. With degraded, the Steelhead appliance is still optimizing traffic, whereas with critical the Steelhead
may or may not be optimizing
D. With degraded, only one alarm has been triggered, whereas with critical, two or more alarms were
Answer: C

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NO.6 An employee who has just installed Steelhead Mobile onto her workstation notices that she never gets
any reduction. It always says 0%. The status of the mobile client appears to be:
Optimization Status : Firewalled
Controller Status : Connected
The reason she is seeing 0% reduction statistics is:
A. The data center is currently firewalling all optimized connections
B. Location Awareness is in effect
C. The office firewall is stripping the IP options field
D. The physical branch Steelhead appliance is her office is behind a firewall
E. Her workstation is blocking TCP port 7801
Answer: E

101-01 Braindumps   

NO.7 Refer to the exhibit.
Which of the following correctly describes the combination of cable types used in a fail-to-wire
scenario for the interconnected devices shown in the exhibit? Assume Auto-MDIX is not enabled on any
A. Cable 1: Crossover, Cable 2: Crossover
B. Cable 1: Crossover, Cable 2: Straight-through
C. Cable 1: Straight through, Cable 2: Crossover
D. Cable 1: Straight-through, Cable 3: Straight-through
Answer: B

101-01 VCE Dumps   101-01 answers real questions   

NO.8 Which of the following status states of the Steelhead appliance are valid? (Select 3)
A. Healthy
B. Normal
C. Failed
D. Degraded
E. Critical
Answer: A,D,E

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