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NO.1 There is a service group dependency configured as follows:
If the child group faults, the parent group is taken offline.
If the parent group faults, the child group remains online.
Which type of dependency is this?
A. Firm
B. Hard
C. Soft
D. Remote
Answer: A

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NO.2 An administrator is responsible for a cluster split between two data centers in different
locations. The data is mirrored between the two sites.
If the administrator would like to set up I/O fencing, how should the configuration be deployed to
maximize resilience?
A. One SCSI-3 coordinator disk at the primary site, one coordinator disk at the secondary site, and a
Coordination Point Server at a third site
B. Two SCSI-3 coordinator disks at the primary site and one coordinator disk at the secondary site
C. One SCSI-3 coordinator disk at the primary site and two coordinator disks at the secondary site
D. One Coordination Point Server at the primary site, and one Coordination Point Server at the
secondary site, and one Coordination Point Server at a third site
Answer: A

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NO.3 On a cluster, what does the following command display?
Hares -display -ovalues
A. all online resource attributes
B. all overridden resource attributes
C. all uncommitted resource attributes
D. all default resource attributes
Answer: B

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NO.4 Which host component characteristic is unsupported for a Symantec Cluster Server node?
A. a single host bus adapter
B. a single Ethernet interface
C. a single local disk
D. a single CPU
Answer: B

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NO.5 What are two reasons to implement SCSI-3 I/O fencing? (Select two.)
A. Disk-based heartbeat
B. Data protection
C. Lock disk
D. Cluster communication
E. Membership arbitration
Answer: B,E

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NO.6 The Failover service group named GroupA is FROZEN and is ONLINE|PARTIAL in a two-system
cluster. The power is unplugged from the system on which GroupA is ONLINE|PARTIAL.
Given the following configuration file:
group GroupA (
SystemList = { SystemA = 1, SystemB = 2 }
AutoFailover = 1
AutoStartList = { SystemA, SystemB }
Parallel = 0
What will be the state of GroupA on the surviving system?
Answer: B

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NO.7 Assume that the GroupA service group is online on SystemB. Given the following configuration
group GroupA ( SystemList = { SystemA = 1, SystemB = 2 } AutoStartList = { SystemA } ) IP ip0 ( Device
= nic0 Address = "" NetMask = "" ) NIC nic0 ( Device = nic0 NetworkType =
ether ) NIC nic1 ( Device = nic1 NetworkType = ether ) ip0 requires nic0 What happens to the GroupA
service group if the network cable connected to nic0 is
unplugged on SystemB?
A. GroupA faults on SystemB and attempts to fail over to SystemA.
B. GroupA faults on SystemB and attempts to restart on SystemB.
C. IP traffic is rerouted to the nic1 interface.
D. The nic0 resource faults and GroupA stays partially online.
Answer: A

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NO.8 Which two resource type attributes can be set to tune Veritas Cluster Server failover
characteristics? (Select two.)
A. AutoStart
B. ConfInterval
C. ConfTimeout
D. MonitorInterval
E. OfflineMonitorInterval
Answer: B,D

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