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NO.1 Which three types of capture operations does AppTransaction Xpert support? (Select 3)
A. Continuous capture
B. Scheduled capture
C. On-demand capture
D. Automated download capture
E. Encrypted capture
Answer: A,B,C

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NO.2 Which of these can be used to define business groups? (Select 3)
A. IP addresses
B. Hostnames
C. IP address range
D. Subnets
Answer: A,C,D

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NO.3 Which of the following are not required to set up pattern-based properties for grouping metrics
in a panel? (Select 3)
A. Create a new property name for each possible value.
B. Add a description.
C. Choose the new property name in the panel's grouping configuration.
D. Enable custom properties either at the server level or dashboard level.
Answer: A,B,D

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NO.4 Highlighting a business group in the business group table and then clicking on the tool bar
menu to launch the Response Time Composition Chart will show:
A. The response time for the clients in the business group.
B. The response time broken into categories for the clients in the business group.
C. The response time broken into categories for servers in the business group.
D. The response time for the top ten IP addresses in the business group.
Answer: C

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NO.5 Which points are good candidates for port switched port analyzers (SPANs) when deploying
AppResponse Xpert? (Select 3)
A. Switches that are the first to see user traffic coming in from the Wide Area Network (WAN)
B. Core switches
C. Switches that host user virtual local area networks (VLANs)
D. Switch ports and links that connect servers which host the most important applications to be
E. Distribution switches
Answer: A,C,D

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NO.6 In the Database Performance module, the Response Time (First Response) (sec) metric refers
A. The cold cache response time, when the information is first requested from the database
B. The response time from the warm cache, known as the First Response table
C. The response time measured from the start of the database query to the receipt of the final
response packet
D. The response time measured from the start of the database query to the receipt of the first
response packet
E. The response time for stored procedure queries into the database
Answer: D

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NO.7 What metric is used to check if web transaction analysis (WTA) is not overloaded with too much
traffic to monitor?
A. number of TCP connections / min (for HTTP/HTTPS sessions only)
B. number of total page views / min
C. number of HTTP requests / min
D. number of unique URLs / min
Answer: C

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NO.8 Refer to the exhibit from the AppDoctor.
The primary bottleneck is probably due to:
A. Processing at client
B. Chattiness
C. Packet loss
D. Processing at server
E. Latency
Answer: C

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