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Exam Name: SAP Certified Technology Associate (Edition 2014) - SAP HANA
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C-TFIN22-66Exam Code: C-TFIN22-66
Exam Name: SAP Certified Application Associate - Management Accounting (CO) with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6
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C-TFIN22-66 Exam Questions Total Q&A: 175 Questions and Answers
Last Update: 2015-12-30

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C_BOWI_41Exam Code: C_BOWI_41
Exam Name: SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.1
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C_BOWI_41 Study Guide Total Q&A: 145 Questions and Answers
Last Update: 2015-12-30

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NO.1 A long-running SQL query issued by an SAP NetWeaver work process also seems to use a lot of
system resources.
How can you find out which ABAP module and which SAP NetWeaver user called the query?
A. Open Transaction Process Overview (SM50) in the SAP NetWeaver system
Sort the list by CPU time
Select the top entry
Check the User and Report columns
B. Go to the Performance tab of SAP HANA studio
Check the System load diagram
C. Open Transaction Global Work Process Overview (SM66) in the SAP NetWeaver system
Sort the list by CPU time
Select the top entry
D. In SAP HANA studio, check the session overview
Identify the logical CONNECTION ID for the SAP NetWeaver work process
Answer: D

SAP   C_HANATEC141 Exam Prep   C_HANATEC141 Practice Test

NO.2 An administrator should be enabled to cancel long running commands and end sessions.
Which privilege must the user be granted?
Answer: A

SAP original questions   C_HANATEC141 test questions   C_HANATEC141 Study Guide

NO.3 Which of the following template roles allows a user who has been assigned this role to grant
the privileges of this role to other users?
Answer: A

SAP Exam Questions   C_HANATEC141 Practice Exam

NO.4 Which parameters do you change to configure the trace file rotation? (Choose two)
A. maxfilesize
B. tracefile
C. maxfiles
D. trace
Answer: A,C

SAP   C_HANATEC141 practice test   C_HANATEC141 answers real questions

NO.5 Which of the following is a result of using SAP HANA as an application platform?
A. All database queries have a sub-second response time.
B. Aggregates in data models are only materialized when required.
C. Calculation-intensive logic is pushed down to the database.
D. The need for indexes is eliminated.
Answer: C

SAP answers real questions   C_HANATEC141 Free download   C_HANATEC141 exam

NO.6 Using SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT), you are replicating in real-time an SAP ERP system
(source system) into an SAP HANA system.
How can you check whether the source system and SLT are synchronized? (Choose two)
A. By executing the ABAP program :SAPLATRA_TOOL_TIMES in SLT and the SAP ERP system
B. By comparing the system time of the operating systems in SLT and the SAP ERP system
C. By comparing entries in table TTZCU (Customizing time zones) in SLT and the SAP ERP system
D. By executing the ABAP program :TZCUSTHELP in SLT and the SAP ERP system
Answer: B,D

SAP Real Questions   C_HANATEC141 certification

NO.7 You have created a file named backup.sql with the following information to run a backup:
/c -n <server name> -i <instance number> -u <user> -p <password> BACKUP DATA USING FILE
('backupDirectory/data/COMPLETE_BK') Which of the following commands executes the backup?
A. hdbsql -I backup.sql
B. hdbsql -c backup.sql
C. hdbsql -S backup.sql
D. hdbsql -o backup.sql
Answer: A

SAP Dumps PDF   C_HANATEC141 Exam Dumps   C_HANATEC141 questions   C_HANATEC141 Practice Test

NO.8 Which of the following SAP HANA tools is used to collect diagnostic information?
B. hdbnsutil
C. hdbsql
Answer: D

SAP   C_HANATEC141 Practice Test

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