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210-020Exam Code: 210-020
Exam Name: VCE Vblock® Systems Deployment and Implementation - Compute
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220-010Exam Code: 220-010
Exam Name: VCE Vblock Systems Administration
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NO.1 Your client needs to create a new UIM/P service offering. They specify the offering should have
24 blades of grade A.
Where in the UIM/P would you define this service offering?
A. Service manager
B. Service catalog
C. Administration
D. Dashboard
Answer: C

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NO.2 You want to configure the local disk policy on a Vblock System 720.
According to the VCE Logical Build Guide, which mode would you use?
A. RAID 1 - Mirrored
C. RAID 5 - Striped Parity
D. No Local Storage
Answer: D

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Topic 3, UCS Upgrades

NO.3 A customer wants you to install two Vblock System 340s. When you connect the second system
to the customer's network, you begin seeing intermittent network connectivity problems.
What is the problem?
A. The firmware versions of the fabric interconnects are different.
B. The Vblock System 340s have duplicate MAC addresses.
C. The Vblock System 340s have duplicate WWPNs.
D. The firmware versions of the Nexus 5548 switches are different.
Answer: B

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NO.4 After physically moving blades from one chassis to another chassis, you notice errors indicating
there are non-existent blades in the configuration.
What would you do to resolve these errors?
A. Perform server maintenance and remove the non-existent servers.
B. Re-acknowledge the chassis reporting the non-existent servers.
C. Reset the CIMC for each of the non-existent servers.
D. Re-acknowledge the server slot in the chassis
Answer: A

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NO.5 During an implementation of a Vblock 320, new Cisco UCS blades need to be provisioned using
UCS Manager.
What are two correct methods to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)
A. The service profile can be provisioned from a template.
B. The service profile can be associated from another service profile.
C. The service profile can be cloned from another service profile.
D. The service profile can be provisioned from service manager.
Answer: A,C

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NO.6 Which three parameters must be set to configure a vNIC template? (Choose three.)
B. LAN Connectivity Policy
C. MAC Pool
D. Pin Group
E. QoS Policy
Answer: A,C,E

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NO.7 A production UCS environment is receiving hardware upgrades. You perform a software
upgrade from version 2.0 to version 2.1.1e. After completing the upgrade tasks successfully, the
systems starts reporting several alerts shown below:
Fault Code:F0502 Message DIMM invalid FRU DIMM
Fault Code:F0801 Message Processor invalid FRU Processor
Fault Code:F0200 Message Adapter unidentified FRU Adapter
Which action will resolve the alerts?
A. Reinstall the Infrastructure Software Bundle package.
B. Reboot both fabric interconnects, one at a time.
C. Update the Capability Catalog.
D. Change the log settings level to report errors only.
Answer: C

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NO.8 You have two UCS domains and four vHBAs. You want to create the WWPN pool for vHBA-1 on
UCS domain 1.
According to the VCE Logical Build Guide, which two identifiers should you choose when creating the
WWN Block Page? (Choose two.)
A. B0 for fabric B vHBA1
B. B1 for fabric B vHBA1
C. 00 for UCS domain 1
D. 01 for UCS domain 1
Answer: B,D

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