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NO.1 What best describes the work of IBM Security's X-Force Research and Development team?
A. Providing in-depth security research which is at the core of all IBM Security products and services.
B. Providing IBM Security with the ability to stop threats because of its knowledge base of
informationunderstanding the tools and techniques used to create attacks and collaborating with
government agencies, industry consortia, and software developers.
C. Protecting our customers from security threats on the Internet by developing a comprehensive
knowledge of vulnerabilities and attack methodologies and applying that knowledge through
effective protection technologies.
D. Using the global reach of security operations centers, and the ear-to-the-ground intelligence
obtained through MSS to provide analysis.
Answer: C

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IBM X Introducing The IBM X-Force Security Research Group Force Security Research Group
Protecting our customers from security threats on the Internet by developing a comprehensive
knowledge of vulnerabilities and attack methodologies and applying that knowledge through
effective protection technologies.
Reference: The Current Threat Landscape and IBM's Approach To Help You Address It Effectively

NO.2 Why does the X-Force research team analyze every vulnerability, providing valuable input into
IBM's services and technologies?
A. To prove it has the best global R&D Security organization.
B. To monitor the threat landscape, determining new attack vectors, and offering a higher level of
C. To understand the evolvingthreats and publishing the X-Force updates.
D. To provide a subscription service to keep clients abreast of new threats.
Answer: B

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Additional to its own research, X-Force reviews each published vulnerability inorder to monitor the
threat landscape, determining new attack vectors, and offering a higher level of protection.
Reference; Securing the Enterprise Achieving Security and business compliance with IBM
(slide 8, second bulleted point)

NO.3 What is the cost to customers of remediating a typical number application vulnerabilities if they
are identified during application build?
A. $8,000
B. $24,000
C. $96,000
D. $760,000
Answer: B

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Reference; Selling the IBM Security, part 2 of 3

NO.4 A client has deployed SourceFire IPS appliances but finds it challenging to keep up with the
constant flood of signatures. What is the best IBM Security technology differentiator?
A. Protocol Analysis Module in IBM Security host, endpoint, and network solutions.
B. Content Analyzer function in IBM Security IPS appliances.
C. The decryptions function in IBM Security Server Sensor.
D. IBM Security SecurityFusion Module function in IBM Security SiteProtector.
Answer: A

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The core of the preemptive technology is the protocol analysis module or PAM (Protocol Analysis
Module). PAM is by far the best security differentiator that our threat management products have.
PAM offers its significant benefits throughout our threat mitigation solutions . . . it is implemented
the same for endpoints, for servers and for gateways. The way PAM is architected, there is the
possibility of adding new components as needed so when hacking technology evolves, we can evolve
and extend the threat protection capability One of the core differentiators within PAM is that it
depends on vulnerability knowledge and heuristics (proactive/preemptive) . . .
Reference; IBM Proventia Management SiteProtector, SecurityFusion Module Guide

NO.5 Which one of the following describes the benefit of the "Monitor Database Activity" phase of
the IBM's Holistic Approach to Data Security and Compliance?
A. Automate detection of sensitive data and enterprise data relationships.
B. Provide essential safeguards to protect high value databases across heterogeneous environments.
C. Manage and enforce privileges enterprise-wide.
D. All of the above.
Answer: B

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NO.6 Which of the following actions are common to traditional Endpoint Management and Mobile
Device Management?
A. Power Management.
B. Encryption Management.
C. Device Wipe.
D. All of the above.
Answer: B

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/ IBM Endpoint Manager for Security and Compliance Increases endpoint security with continuous
compliance for all endpointsIBM Endpoint Manager for Security and Compliance helps support
endpoint security throughout your organization. Built on IBM Bigfix technology, this software can
help you protect endpoints and assure regulators that you are meeting security compliance
/ To protect mobile devices as they access more and more sensitive systems-and to protect
organizations from unauthorized or corrupted devices-Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devicesenables
IT to:
*Detect security threats such as rooted or jail-broken devices and automatically take
*(C) Selectively wipe only corporate data such as calendar, email,contacts and enterprise-managed
applications when a device is lost or stolen
*Extend management and security capabilities through integration with IBM [email protected] [email protected]
Traveler, Microsoft Exchange, Samsung SAFE and NitroDesk TouchDown
*(B) Configure and enforce password policies, encryption, virtualprivate network (VPN) access and
camera use in accordance with organizational and public security standards such as the Center for
Internet Security (CIS) Benchmarks
*Automatically identify non-compliant devices
*Control non-compliance by disabling access to enterpriseresources such as email and applications,
or by issuing user notifications until corrective actions are implemented
Reference: IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices

NO.7 Which of the following solutions is the core solution for addressing customer requirements for
vulnerability analysis for z/OS?
A. zSecure Audit.
B. zSecure Admin.
C. zSecure Alert.
D. zSecure Command Verifier.
Answer: A

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zSecure Audit provides several reports that may be categorized as vulnerabilityscans for z/OS and the
security management products you are using.
Reference: Reference; IBM zOS Mainframe Security and Audit Management Using the IBM Security
zSecure Suite

NO.8 Which of the following is a component of Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Security and Compliance
A. Patch Management.
B. Web, file, email reputation services.
C. Managedendpoint software inventory.
D. All of the above.
Answer: A

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IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager
*Automatically manage patches formultiple operating systems andapplications
*Provide up-to-date visibility and controlfrom a single management console
*Employ a single, multipurpose, intelligentagent that assesses and remediatesissues to help ensure
continuoussecurity and compliance
*Manage hundreds of thousands ofendpoints, physical and virtual,regardless of location,
connectiontype or status
Reference; IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Security and Compliance

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