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412-79v8Exam Code: 412-79v8
Exam Name: EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA)
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ECSAv8Exam Code: ECSAv8
Exam Name: EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA)
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NO.1 A firewall's decision to forward or reject traffic in network filtering is dependent upon which of
the following?
A. Destination address
B. Port numbers
C. Source address
D. Protocol used
Answer: D

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Reference: does afirewall do)

NO.2 The term social engineering is used to describe the various tricks used to fool people
(employees, business partners, or customers) into voluntarily giving away information that would not
normally be known to the general public.
What is the criminal practice of social engineering where an attacker uses the telephone system in an
attempt to scam the user into surrendering private information?
A. Phishing
B. Spoofing
C. Tapping
D. Vishing
Answer: D

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NO.3 Variables are used to define parameters for detection, specifically those of your local network
and/or specific servers or ports for inclusion or exclusion in rules. These are simple substitution
variables set with the var keyword. Which one of the following operator is used to define
A. "$"
B. "#"
C. "*"
D. "?"
Answer: A

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NO.4 The first phase of the penetration testing plan is to develop the scope of the project in
consultation with the client. Pen testing test components depend on the client's operating
environment, threat perception, security and compliance requirements, ROE, and budget. Various
components need to be considered for testing while developing the scope of the project.
Which of the following is NOT a pen testing component to be tested?
A. System Software Security
B. Intrusion Detection
C. Outside Accomplices
D. Inside Accomplices
Answer: C

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NO.5 Network scanning is used to identify the available network resources. Which one of the
following is also known as a half-open scan, because a full TCP connection is never completed and it
is used to determine which ports are open and listening on a target device?
A. SYN Scan
B. TCP Connect Scan
C. XMAS Scan
D. Null Scan
Answer: A

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NO.6 Transmission control protocol accepts data from a data stream, divides it into chunks, and
adds a
TCP header creating a TCP segment.
The TCP header is the first 24 bytes of a TCP segment that contains the parameters and state of an
end-to-end TCP socket. It is used to track the state of communication between two TCP endpoints.
For a connection to be established or initialized, the two hosts must synchronize. The synchronization
requires each side to send its own initial sequence number and to receive a confirmation of exchange
in an acknowledgment (ACK) from the other side
The below diagram shows the TCP Header format:
How many bits is a acknowledgement number?
A. 16 bits
B. 32 bits
C. 8 bits
D. 24 bits
Answer: B

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NO.7 Many security and compliance projects begin with a simple idea: assess the organization's risk,
vulnerabilities, and breaches. Implementing an IT security risk assessment is critical to the overall
security posture of any organization.
An effective security risk assessment can prevent breaches and reduce the impact of realized
What is the formula to calculate risk?
A. Risk = Budget x Time
B. Risk = Goodwill x Reputation
C. Risk = Loss x Exposure factor
D. Risk = Threats x Attacks
Answer: C

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NO.8 A security policy is a document or set of documents that describes, at a high level, the security
controls that will be implemented by the company.
Which one of the following policies forbids everything and restricts usage of company computers,
whether it is system usage or network usage?
A. Paranoid Policy
B. Prudent Policy
C. Promiscuous Policy
D. Information-Protection Policy
Answer: A

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