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NO.1 When Marie logs in to her computer, she sees an error message that the system was unable to
unlock her login keychain. What's a likely explanation for this?
A. Before the current login session, Marie removed Keychain Access from her login items.
B. In a previous login session, Marie's account password was reset in Users & Groups preferences.
C. In a previous login session, Marie enabled FileVault on her account, then reset her account
password in Users & Groups preferences.
D. Before the current login session, Marie's account password was reset using the Reset Password
utility on the OS X Recovery system partition.
Answer: D

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NO.2 How can you check the signal strength (RSSI) and transmit rate of a Wi-Fi network your
computer is connected to?
A. Option-click the Wi-Fi menu item, it will be listed below the network name.
B. In Network Utility, click the Wireless Performance tab.
C. In Network preferences, secondary-click the Wi-Fi network service and choose Connection Status.
D. In Network Diagnostics, click the Interface Status tab and choose Wi-Fi from the interface pop-up
Answer: A

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NO.3 Review the screenshot of a system configuration, then answer the question below.
Your Mac is configured as shown in the screenshot. Using Safari, you download an app from an
unidentified developer and double-click the app icon. What happens?
A. The app opens without an alert message.
B. The app opens after an alert message that the app is from an unidentified developer.
C. An alert message asks whether you want to open this app from an unidentified developer.
D. The app doesn't open, and an alert message tells you that the app is from an unidentified
Answer: D

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NO.4 Which steps can you take to retrieve a file from a Time Machine backup on an external hard
drive connected to your Mac?
A. Control-click the icon of the folder where you want the restored file to appear, open Time Machine
from the shortcut menu, choose "Restore from the Time Machine backup," use the timeline to reach
the appropriate date and time, select the file, and click Restore.
B. Open Time Machine, use the timeline to reach the appropriate date and time, select the file, and
click Restore.
C. In System Preferences, click the Time Machine icon, click Retrieve, use the timeline to reach the
appropriate date and time, select the file, and click Restore.
D. In the Finder, enter a search term in the Spotlight search field, click the Add (+) button to add a
search criterion, and choose Search Time Machine, then use the timeline to reach the appropriate
date and time, select the file, and click Restore.
Answer: B

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NO.5 How can you exclude the /Users/anna/Downloads/ folder from Time Machine backups?
A. Open Time Machine, choose Preferences from the Time Machine menu, click the Exclusions tab,
click the Add (+) button, navigate to the /Users/anna/Downloads/ folder, and click Submit.
B. In Finder, control-click the Downloads folder for the anna account, click the Sharing and
Permissions disclosure triangle, click the Add (+) button, add anna to the list of users, and set the
Time Machine user's access to No Access.
C. In Terminal, execute the command sudo defaults
write/Library/Preferences/ -
D. Open the Time Machine pane of System Preferences, click Options, and add the
/Users/anna/Downloads/ folder to the list of excluded items.
Answer: C

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NO.6 Review the screenshot, then answer the question below.
If you click Delete User in the dialog shown above, what will happen to Erich's home folder?
A. It will be renamed Deleted compressed and encrypted, and archived in Time Machine.
B. It will be moved to the Trash.
C. It will be deleted immediately, without being moved to the Trash.
D. It will be renamed Deleted, and the folder's permissions will be changed to allow administrator
user access only.
Answer: C

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NO.7 Which statements are true about Guest accounts in Mac OS X? (Select TWO.)
A. Guest accounts are disabled by default in OS X.
B. By default, a Guest user needs a password to log in to the Mac.
C. If you disable Find My Mac, the Guest account for local login is disabled as well.
D. If you enable Find My Mac, the Guest account for local login is enabled as well.
E. Users can log in to the Guest account remotely.
Answer: D

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NO.8 You're unable to connect to a web server from your OS X computer. How can Traceroute help
you troubleshoot this issue?
A. Traceroute can help determine whether the web server is configured correctly.
B. Traceroute can help determine whether the ports are open on the web server.
C. Traceroute can help determine whether the server that the web service is running on has a
D. Traceroute can help determine where the connection is breaking down.
Answer: B

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