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NO.1 A developer has a Container Object with multiple charts and each chart has many different
The developer needs to provide users with a method to easily obtain information related to each
chart and the expressions within.
How can the developer fulfill this requirement?
A. design a help graphic for each chart and set it as the caption background
B. create a Text Object containing help information for each chart and link each Chart Object to its
corresponding Text Object using QlikView's Linked Objects feature
C. enter a thorough description of each chart and its expressions in the Text in Chart property on the
Layout tab
D. enter a thorough description of each chart and its expressions in the Help Text property on the
Caption tab
Answer: D

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NO.2 Which technique should a developer use to clearly describe dimensions and measures for end
users who need to use collaborative objects?
A. add field metadata tags to fields in the load script
B. put a How To sheet in the application
C. put descriptive information in each object's help text
D. add a system table to the application
Answer: A

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NO.3 An Invoices table has a DaysOverdue field. A chart is required to analyze overdue invoices in 30
day intervals.
Which function should a designer use within a chart to meet this requirement?
A. Class(DaysOverdue,30)
B. Aggr(DaysOverdue,30)
C. GroupBy(DaysOverdue,30)
D. IntervalMatch(DaysOverdue,30)
Answer: A

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NO.4 A customer has 30 target values that are used to evaluate the quality of an organization's
facilities. At least half the target values are changed monthly by the business users.
What is the most efficient way for the developer to store, access, and maintain the target values?
A. save the target names and values in an external file, load them into a QlikView table, and use a
FOR loop to assign the values to variables
B. manually create a variable for each value in Expression Overview and maintain them in Expression
C. create a Variables tab in the load script and use 30 LET statements to assign the values to variables
D. embed the target values into each expression in which they are required
Answer: A

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NO.5 A developer needs to add data from a Microsoft Access database to a data model intended to
run on a 64 bit Windows Server.
How should the developer proceed?
A. from the script editor, on the Data tab, under Database, choose 'ODBC' from the Database pull
down, assure the 'Force 32 bit' check box is selected, and then click the 'Connect' button
B. from the script editor, on the Data tab, under Database, choose 'ODBC 32 bit' from the Database
pull down and then click the 'Connect' button
C. from the script editor, on the Data tab, click on the 'database conversion' button and convert the
database from a 32 bit to 64 bit database
D. from the script editor, on the Data tab, under Database choose 'ODBC' from the Database pull
down and then click the 'Connect' button
Answer: A

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NO.6 A client has a data set with two tables.
The Customer table has fields CustomerID, AssignedTo, FirstName, and LastName. The
Orders table has fields CustomerID, AssignedTo, Product, and Quantity.
The AssignedTo field holds an employee reference.
Users need to see Customers and Orders by employee.
The employee assigned to the Customer may not be the same as the employee assigned
to the Order.
Which technique should be used in the script to meet the requirement?
A. load the tables leaving the automatic associations
B. comment out the AssignedTo from the Orders table
C. comment out the AssignedTo from the Customer table
D. use Rename Field syntax to alias one of the AssignedTo fields
E. create a concatenated key of CustomerID and AssignedTo in both tables
Answer: D

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NO.7 A customer needs an application to reload in a short time period. The source tables are log files
that are appended to on a daily basis.
Which performance tuning option should a developer use?
A. the QVD files to store the source tables
B. the Partial Reload command with the append option
C. the Load prefix Buffer with the incremental option
D. the Load prefix Buffer and set the Keep Outdated QVD Buffers in the Document Properties
Answer: C

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Topic 5, Deliver the QlikView Application

NO.8 A customer needs to have QlikView deployed to tablet devices.
When creating the QVW application, which two actions must a developer take to meet the
customer's need? (Choose two.)
A. convert the QVW application into a .mob document on the server
B. ensure that screen resolution is appropriate for the device
C. convert the QVW application into a HTML5 document
D. create a specific QVW application for each device
E. use only sheet objects suitable for tablet devices
Answer: B,E

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