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NO.1 On a system running the KDE Display Manager, when is the /etc/kde4/kdm/Xreset script
automatically executed?
A. When KDM starts
B. When a user's X session exits
C. When KDM crashes
D. When X is restarted
E. When X crashes
Answer: B

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NO.2 What output will the command seq 10 produce?
A. A continuous stream of numbers increasing in increments of 10 until stopped.
B. The numbers 1 through 10 with one number per line.
C. The numbers 0 through 9 with one number per line.
D. The number 10 to standard output.
Answer: B

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NO.3 A French user has installed the French language pack, but currencies are still being displayed
with a leading '$' sign in his spreadsheets. What must be done to fix this?
A. Alter the locale.
B. Set the timezone correctly.
C. Edit /etc/currency.
D. Reinstall the French language pack.
Answer: A

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Which option, when passed to the gpg command, will enter an interactive menu enabling the user to
perform key management related tasks? (Provide only the option)
Answer: edit -key, --edit-key

You can run the ________ command to see active network and UNIX domain socket connections as
well as other open files. (Please specify the command with no path information, options or
Answer: lsof, /usr/bin/lsof

NO.6 What is
A. A deprecated feature for maintaining system time in the Linux kernel
B. A website which provides binary and source packages for the OpenNTPD project
C. A virtual cluster of various timeservers
D. A community website used to discuss the localization of Linux
Answer: C

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NO.7 Which of the following describes the Linux ping packet or datagram?
A. IP packet with a packet type
B. ICMP packet with a message type
C. ICMP packet with a payload
D. UDP datagram with a protocol type
E. UDP datagram with a payload
Answer: B

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NO.8 To prevent a specific user from scheduling tasks with at, what should the administrator do?
A. Add the specific user to /etc/at.allow file.
B. Add the specific user to [deny] section in the /etc/atd.conf file.
C. Add the specific user to /etc/at.deny file.
D. Add the specific user to nojobs group.
E. Run the following: atd --deny [user].
Answer: C

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