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NO.1 Which statements about VLAN allocation are true? (Select 3 Answers)
A. The IP subnet VLAN is used to send the packets from the specified network segment or IP address
over the specified VLAN.
B. The MAC address- or IP subnet-based VLAN is valid for only the untagged packets.
C. The protocol-based VLAN has a higher priority than the IP subnet-based VLAN.
D. The protocol-based VLAN indicates that service types on the network are bound to VLANs.
Answer: A,B,D

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NO.2 Which of the following is not supported by policy-based route for specifying the data
forwarding path?
A. Source address
B. Port number
C. Destination address
D. Packet length
Answer: B

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NO.3 Which of the following indicators are performance indicators of the Eudemon? (Select 3
A. Throughput of large-sized or small-sized packets
B. Number of the interface
C. VPN performance
D. Process delay
Answer: A,B,D

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NO.4 If the peer default-route-advertise command is used to advertise a default BGP route to peers,
how will this operation affect the local BGP routing table?
A. An inactive default route will be generated in the local BGP routing table and this route will not
be delivered to the IP routing table.
B. An active default route will be generated in the local BGP routing table and this route will be
delivered to the IP routing table.
C. The local BGP routing table will not be affected and no default route will be generated in the local
BGP routing table.
D. A default route will be generated in the local BGP routing table and whether to deliver this route
to the IP routing table depends on route selection results.
Answer: C

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NO.5 Which are 802.1x authentication modes? (Select 2 Answers)
A. EAP relay mode
B. Proxy mode
C. EAP termination mode
D. Remote mode
Answer: A,C

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NO.6 A device can be assigned an IP address, with the mask being
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

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NO.7 Which of the following statements about RSTP and STP is true?
A. STP has more port states than RSTP .
B. The port roles used in RSTP is less than the port roles used in STP .
C. Since RSTP adopts fast convergence mechanism, it does not have Learning state which is available
in STP .
D. Same as STP , the ports will enter into Listening state once the RSTP has been enabled. Then, the
ports can receive BPDU and calculate the spanning tree.
Answer: A

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NO.8 What is the maximum bits of a Class B address can be used for subnet?
A. 8
B. 14
C. 16
D. 22
Answer: B

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