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NO.1 Which describes how a client reads a file from HDFS?
A. The client queries the NameNode for the block location(s). The NameNode returns the block
location(s) to the client. The client reads the data directory off the DataNode(s).
B. The client queries all DataNodes in parallel. The DataNode that contains the requested data
responds directly to the client. The client reads the data directly off the DataNode.
C. The client contacts the NameNode for the block location(s). The NameNode then queries the
DataNodes for block locations. The DataNodes respond to the NameNode, and the NameNode
redirects the client to the DataNode that holds the requested data block(s). The client then reads
the data directly off the DataNode.
D. The client contacts the NameNode for the block location(s). The NameNode contacts the
DataNode that holds the requested data block. Data is transferred from the DataNode to the
NameNode, and then from the NameNode to the client.
Answer: C

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NO.2 Identify the tool best suited to import a portion of a relational database every day as files into
HDFS, and generate Java classes to interact with that imported data?
A. Oozie
B. Flume
C. Pig
D. Hue
E. Hive
F. Sqoop
G. fuse-dfs
Answer: F

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NO.3 What happens in a MapReduce job when you set the number of reducers to zero?
A. No reducer executes, but the mappers generate no output.
B. No reducer executes, and the output of each mapper is written to a separate file in HDFS.
C. No reducer executes, but the outputs of all the mappers are gathered together and written to a
single file in HDFS.
D. Setting the number of reducers to zero is invalid, and an exception is thrown.
Answer: B

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NO.4 What data does a Reducer reduce method process?
A. All the data in a single input file.
B. All data produced by a single mapper.
C. All data for a given key, regardless of which mapper(s) produced it.
D. All data for a given value, regardless of which mapper(s) produced it.
Answer: C

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NO.5 You are running a job that will process a single InputSplit on a cluster which has no other jobs
currently running. Each node has an equal number of open Map slots. On which node will Hadoop
first attempt to run the Map task?
A. The node with the most memory
B. The node with the lowest system load
C. The node on which this InputSplit is stored
D. The node with the most free local disk space
Answer: C

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NO.6 You want to populate an associative array in order to perform a map-side join. You’ve decided
put this information in a text file, place that file into the DistributedCache and read it in your
Mapper before any records are processed.
Indentify which method in the Mapper you should use to implement code for reading the file and
populating the associative array?
A. combine
B. map
C. init
D. configure
Answer: D

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NO.7 Assuming default settings, which best describes the order of data provided to a reducer’s
A. The keys given to a reducer aren’t in a predictable order, but the values associated with those
keys always are.
B. Both the keys and values passed to a reducer always appear in sorted order.
C. Neither keys nor values are in any predictable order.
D. The keys given to a reducer are in sorted order but the values associated with each key are in
no predictable order
Answer: D

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