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Exam Code: CCA-470
Exam Name: Cloudera (Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop CDH4 Upgrade Exam (CCAH))
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Total Q&A: 87 Questions and Answers
Last Update: 2014-06-15

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NO.1 How does the NameNode know DataNodes are available on a cluster running MapReduce v1
A. DataNodes listed in the dfs.hosts file. The NameNode uses as the definitive list of available
B. DataNodes heartbeat in the master on a regular basis.
C. The NameNode broadcasts a heartbeat on the network on a regular basis, and DataNodes
D. The NameNode send a broadcast across the network when it first starts, and DataNodes
Answer: B

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NO.2 The failure of which daemon makes HDFS unavailable on a cluster running MapReduce v1
A. Node Manager
B. Application Manager
C. Resource Manager
D. Secondary NameNode
E. NameNode
F. DataNode
Answer: E

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NO.3 Compare the hardware requirements of the NameNode with that of the DataNodes in a
cluster running MapReduce v1 (MRv1):
A. The NameNode requires more memory and requires greater disk capacity than the DataNodes.
B. The NameNode and DataNodes should the same hardware configuration.
C. The NameNode requires more memory and no disk drives.
D. The NameNode requires more memory but less disk capacity.
E. The NameNode requires less memory and less disk capacity than the DataNodes.
Answer: D

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NO.4 In HDFS, you view a file with rw-r--r-- set as its permissions. What does this tell you about the
A. The file cannot be deleted by anyone but the owner
B. The file cannot be deleted by anyone
C. The file cannot be run as a MapReduce job
D. The file’s contents can be modified by the owner, but no-one else
E. As a Filesystem in Userspace (FUSE), HDFS files are available to all user’s on a cluster
regardless of their underlying POSIX permissions.
Answer: A

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NO.5 A client wants to read a file from HDFS. How does the data get from the DataNodes to the
A. The NameNode reads the blocks from the DataNodes, and caches them. Then, the application
reads the blocks from the NameNode.
B. The application reads the blocks directly from the DataNodes.
C. The blocks are sent to a single DataNode, then the application reads the blocks from that Data
Answer: B

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NO.6 What does CDH packaging do on install to facilitate Kerberos security setup?
A. Automatically configure permissions for log files at $MAPPED_LOG_DIR/userlogs
B. Creates and configures you kdc with default cluster values.
C. Creates users for hdfs and mapreduce to facilitate role assignment.
D. Creates a set of pre-configured Kerberos keytab files and their permissions.
E. Creates directories for temp, hdfs, and mapreduce with correct permissions.
Answer: C

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NO.7 Identify the function performed by the Secondary NameNode daemon on a cluster configured
run with a single NameNode.
A. In this configuration, the Secondary NameNode performs a checkpoint operation on the files by
the NameNode.
B. In this configuration, the Secondary NameNode is standby NameNode, ready to failover and
provide high availability.
C. In this configuration, the Secondary NameNode performs deal-time backups of the NameNode.
D. In this configuration, the Secondary NameNode servers as alternate data channel for clients to
reach HDFS, should the NameNode become too busy.
Answer: A

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NO.8 You have a cluster running with the FIFO scheduler enabled. You submit a large job A to the
cluster which you expect to run for one hour. Then, you submit job B to the cluster, which you
expect to run a couple of minutes only. Let’s assume both jobs are running at the same priority.
How does the FIFO scheduler execute the jobs? (Choose 3)
A. The order of execution of tasks within a job may vary.
B. When a job is submitted, all tasks belonging to that job are scheduled.
C. Given jobs A and B submitted in that order, all tasks from job A will be scheduled before all
tasks from job B.
D. Since job B needs only a few tasks, if might finish before job A completes.
Answer: A,B,C

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NO.9 Which two features does Kerberos security add to a Hadoop cluster?
A. Authentication for user access to the cluster against a central server
B. Encryption for data on disk ("at rest")
C. Encryption on all remote procedure calls (RPCs)
D. User authentication on all remote procedure calls (RPcs)
E. Root access to the cluster for users hdfs and mapred but non-root acess clients
Answer: C,D

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10. Which three processes does HDFS High Availability (HA) enable on your cluster?
A. Automatically 'fail over' between NameNodes if one goes down
B. Write data to two clusterssimultaneously
C. Shut one NameNode down for maintenance without halting the cluster
D. Manually 'fail over' between NameNodes
E. Configure unlimited hot standby NameNode.
Answer: A,C,D

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