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Exam Code: NS0-501
Exam Name: Network Appliance (Network Appliance Implementation Engineer-SAN)

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NO.1 Which utility on Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 can be used to collect information about firmware
and driver versions for an Emulex LP1xxxx/LPe1xxx HBA?
C.fcp config

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NO.2 Which command do you use to see the rate of change between two successive Snapshot copies in a
flexible volume in Data ONTAP?
A.snap diff
B.snap calculate
C.snap delta
D.snap space

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NO.3 Click the Exhibit button.
A Solaris 10 host with VERITAS Storage Foundation 4.1 is FCP attached to a FAS3140 high availability
storage system running single image cfmode.
Using the diagram shown, which ports will be considered active by VERITAS DMP using the NetApp ASL
to a LUN on controller 1 mapped to host 1?
A.Port 0b on controller 1 only
B.Port 0d on controller 1 only
C.Port 0b and 0d on controller 1 only
D.Ports 0b and 0d on both controller 1 and controller 2

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NO.4 An organization currently has a NetApp Fibre Channel block-based solution. With limited budget and
resources, they want to create a new disaster recovery site that utilizes a NetApp solution.
What would the optimal solution include?
A.SnapMover and Fibre Channel at the disaster recovery site for all hosts
B.SnapMirror and iSCSI at the disaster recovery site for all hosts
C.Fibre Channel at both locations using ftp to replicate storage
D.MetroCluster and NAS

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NO.5 Click the Exhibit button.
Given the information provided in the diagram, what is the appropriate FC topology?
B.switched fabric
C.arbitrated loop

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NO.6 A company has a Fibre Channel environment and wants to connect a new host in a remote data center
using 50/125um OM2 multi-mode fiber cable and needs to support 2 Gb speeds.
What is the maximum distance of the cable run supported in this situation?
A.50/125um OM2 multi-mode fiber cable supports up to 500 meters at 2 Gb.
B.50/125um OM2 multi-mode fiber cable supports up to 10000 meters at 2 Gb.
C.50/125um OM2 multi-mode fiber cable supports up to 150 meters at 2 Gb.
D.50/125um OM2 multi-mode fiber cable supports up to 300 meters at 2 Gb.

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NO.7 For which four operations would you use igroup throttles on a NetApp storage solution? (Choose four.) assign a specific percentage of the queue resources on each physical port to the igroup manage pathing to the LUNs reserve a minimum percentage of queue resources for a specific igroup limit the number of concurrent I/O requests an initiator can send to the storage system restrict an igroup to a maximum percentage of use manage space reclamation

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NO.8 A company has deployed a NetApp dual controller FAS3100 series with iSCSI. Currently, there are five
Windows servers and three Novell NetWare servers connected to the IP SAN. The customer wants to
connect an HP-UX server to the IP SAN.
Which cfmode allows all operating systems to co-exist in the IP SAN?
C.cfmode not applicable

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NO.9 Which utility on Solaris 10 can be used to collect information about firmware and driver versions for a
Qlogic QLAxxx/QLExxxx HBA?

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NO.10 Which utility on Solaris 10 can be used to collect information about firmware and driver versions for an
Emulex LP1xxxx/LPe1xxxx HBA?

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