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Exam Code: A00-270
Exam Name: SASInstitute (SAS BI Content Development)

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NO.1 A content developer wants to emphasize the indicator value shown by a dynamic gauge in SAS BI
Dashboard. The content developer wants to display the color of the selected range while the other ranges
remain neutral. How can this be achieved?
A. Change the other colors in the range to be a neutral color.
B. Select the gauge type to be a Dynamic Speedometer.
C. Check the Ghost checkbox on the select a gauge screen.
D. Alter the style to support shadowing.
Answer: C

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NO.2 Which statement is true regarding the SAS My Folder metadata location?
A. The My Folder location is a valid place to share content.
B. Every user with a SAS metadata identity has a My Folder location.
C. The My Folder location is a temporary work location.
D. The My Folder location is only available to the user it belongs to.
Answer: B

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NO.3 Which data sources can be used to create reports and analysis using SAS Web Report Studio?
(Choose two.)
A. SAS Information Map
B. SAS OLAP cube
C. SAS Stored Process
D. SAS table
Answer: A,C

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NO.4 Refer to the exhibit.
The exhibit shows the SAS Folders structure in SAS Management Console. Folders that contain which
type of content are displayed in the SAS BI Dashboard application?
A.information maps
B.stored processes
C. jobs
Answer: A

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NO.5 Refer to the exhibit.
A user is creating a Custom Filter in SAS Web Report Studio. The Get Values button is grayed out and
there is a message saying that the data item does not allow available values to be displayed. Which
change would need to be made to the information map to allow the user to use the Get Values button?
A. Create a prompting Filter in the information map that only allows the user to type a value.
B. Alter the value generation method of the data item to either select from a static or a dynamic list.
C. Change the item type from a measure to a category.
D. Values cannot be displayed for this type of data.
Answer: B

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NO.6 Which statement is true regarding roles?
A. Only groups can be members of roles.
B. Only users can be members of groups or roles.
C. You must use roles to control access to application features.
D. You must use roles to control access to data sources and reporting content.
Answer: C

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NO.7 Refer to Exhibit: A SAS Web Report Studio user is changing the summarization option for Annual
Salary and the only aggregations allowed are Minimum and Maximum. Why is the list limited to only these
two choices.
A. The user is assigned to a role that only allows these aggregations.
B. SAS Web Report Studio only supports these aggregations.
C. These are the only aggregations supported for currency data items.
D. The information map creator has limited the available aggregations.
Answer: D

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NO.8 A dashboard shows a horizontal row of three static Traffic Light gauges. Each Traffic Light gauge is
positioned vertically instead of horizontally. What should be done to position each gauge horizontally?
A. Select Flip Horizontal on the gauge properties.
B. Ensure the dashboard and indicator are the correct width to display three gauges.
C. Reduce the display size of the gauge sufficiently to allow all three to fit.
D. Change to a gauge type that supports horizontal display of multiple gauges.
Answer: B

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NO.9 Which SAS applications can be used to create data sources for reporting and analysis using the SAS
platform applications? (Choose two.)
A. SAS Enterprise Guide
B. SAS Information Delivery Portal
C. SAS Information Map Studio
D. SAS Web Report Studio
Answer: A,C

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NO.10 When a SAS Web Report Studio report is built, the default behavior is to produce an aggregated report
with measures summed. Average is a more appropriate aggregation for an age data item. In the
information map, how can the aggregation be changed to average the measures?
A. Change the default aggregation function to MEAN on the Properties of the data item.
B. After the default aggregation is set, it cannot be changed in the information map.
C. Change the measure's classification to MEAN.
D. Change the format of the data item toAVERAGEw.d.
Answer: A

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