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NO.1 Which of the following is NOT a type of float?A. TotalB. NegativeC. Open endD. FreeAnswer: CAACE International questionsCCPCCP exam simulationsCCPCCP pdfCCP testNO.2 An agricultural corporation that paid 53% in income tax wanted to build a grain elevatordesigned to last twenty-five (25) years at a cost of $80,000 with no salvage value. Annual incomegenerated would be $22,500 and annual expenditures were to be $12,000.Answer the question using a straight line depreciation and a 10%[...]

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NO.1 A major theme park is expanding the existing facility over a five-year period. The design phasewill be completed one year after the contract is awarded. Major engineering drawings will befinalized two years after the design contract is awarded and construction will begin three years afterthe award of the design contract. New, unique ride technology will be used and an estimate will needto be developed to identify these costs that have no historical data.The following question requ[...]

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